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The DragTimes application for Android - The density altitude calculator will obtain the current weather data for your location and calculate the DA for you instantly. You can also browse through the data quickly and easily to compare your car against others from around the world.Whether you are in the stands or at the tree, the application is the ideal app for anyone that spends time at the track.
The application for Android includes:- 1/8 Mile to 1/4 Mile Time Calculator- 1/8 Mile to 1/4 Mile Speed Calculator- Rear Wheel Horsepower (RWHP) Calculator- RPM Calculator- 1/4 Mile Time Calculator (based on Vehicle Weight and Horsepower)- 1/4 Mile Speed Calculator (based on Vehicle Weight and Horsepower)- Miles Per Gallon (MPG) Calculator- Cubic Inch Displacement (CID) Calculator- Density Altitude Calculator- Injector Maximum Horsepower Calculator- Altitude in Feet and Meters, based on actual device location- Local Weather information based on actual device location, including Current Weather Conditions (includes Temperature, Conditions, Heat Index, Humidity, Dew Point, Wind Speed and Direction, Wind Gusts, Barometric Pressure and much more!), Local and Regional Radar, Extended Forecast and Warnings- About the application information and link to the support website
Specifically designed for the Android platform, the DragTimes application is an easy-to-use and fully functional application that provides the most common calculators used by Drag Racer's, plus real time local weather information based on the actual location of your Andriod Device.
We're constantly working to improve the DragTimes application Android and User Feedback is a key driver for what we do. Feel free to send your feedback and suggestions to and help us make this application better for you!